About Us

"OPTIM Obermeyer Proje A.Ş." (OPTIM) was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing mainly engineering and consultancy services by distinguished and expertise staff supported by electronic data processing systems, together with Computer-Aided Design (CAD). OPTIM provides a full range of design, engineering and consulting services, with emphasis on transportation, engineering structures, medical buildings and environmental projects. To ensure these services with highest quality OPTIM collaborates its valuable experiences in a wide spectrum of projects in accordance with clients' needs and expectations and complies with local or global standards. Main goal of the company has always been to advise its clients, to plan and design assignments and take full responsibility for the results while accepting the engineering challenges of the future with creativity and innovation. OPTIM is an associated company of "OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH" (OPB). With the collaboration of OPTIM and OPB, a large capacity of engineering services was formed by combination of business experience, know-how opportunities and technical facilities, which enables OPTIM to provide modern, rational and economical engineering and consulting services in Turkey for many years.
In design, consulting and supervising branches of civil engineering sector; We produce projects requires knowledge, technology and professional qualification, We design plans by considering environmental adaptation, application facility, trust and appropriateness. We submit our projects in time. Our main principle is to finalize every project as a reference for the next.
OPTİM is a firm known by its quality not only in domestic but also in abroad and a trademark on account of its references. Optim succeeds to be a reliable firm in the sector, owing to its client originated approach and qualified projects.